Getting Exposed

The past few months have been full of new experiences. For the first time in my life, I can genuinely say that I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, which is something I haven’t been very good at in the past.   Some of you may know that I have a new job. I’m working for a company you’ve probably heard of and I’m loving it. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to work for the past couple of days. Apparently, my body thought it was the right time to catch a cold severe enough to make me have hallucinations of near death experiences. The upside of such a situation is that it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on things.

In that reflection, I realized that I owe a lot of where I am in my life right now to one thing. More accurately, I owe it to one person.

Ms. Sara Shake of Exposed PR

In January, I started an internship at Exposed and to this day, it is the best experience of my life. I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating... I have no idea why Sara hired me. Saying I was unqualified wouldn’t even be scratching the surface of the truth. -- I think the fact that I knew who Rebecca Minkoff was gave me the edge. 

I kid, I kid.

Whatever her reason was... I could not be more thankful. I can truly say that I grew as a person and I met a few of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Sara - You are incredible. As a person, you are someone I want to call my BFF and as a business woman, you don’t believe in boundaries and there are no words to express how much that impresses me. I know there days that I drove you crazy and frustrated you to no end, but you were nothing but graceful. And on those days that I needed a reality check, you were the first in line to serve one up. I will never forget the things I learned from you. And you really did give me a confidence in myself that I’ve never had before. Thank you.

Sydney- Sydney, darling, you are one of the few people I’ve ever met that I liked instantly. You’re just as sarcastic as I am and I love you for it. And you, my dear, are going on to do BIG things. The Trendy Truck is such a thing. I can’t wait to see where life takes you.

Sarah - I need you in my life. Everything you did made me laugh and you have such great energy. I know that sounds cheesy. It is cheesy. But it’s true. I have a bitchin’ good time when I’m around you.

 Angela - My love. What is there to say? You are a one-woman-empire who is slowly but surely taking over the world. Of course, that is due in part to your badass PR team who will be there every step of the way. Your drive and ambition are beyond any I’ve ever seen. I know I am going to say “I knew her when” very, very soon.

 I love you all.