Life's Bookmarks

A scar is, by definition, a mark left on something following damage of some kind. When you say the word, people tend to visualize scars of a physical nature. They associate them with damage, they are seen as unnatural. By many, they are considered flaws. But why? Instead of being seen as flaws, scars should be viewed as life’s bookmarks. Every scar is part of a bigger story. Unlike a book, however, you can’t just stare at them for 30 seconds and understand their meaning or significance.

Everyone’s scars are a part of their very own story, and unless you are privileged enough to know that person’s story, you will never be able understand their scars.

The only similarity they share is their beauty. They are all a part of a healing process. A process that shows strength and vigor, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

Instead of being seen as an imperfection, scars should be celebrated, because they have all lead to a stronger, healthier, more interesting person who has a story to tell.

So, next time you see a scar, think of it as a bookmark and see if you can’t help but wonder about the story behind it.