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Hidden gems. They’re everywhere; the little places we find, and unexpectedly fall in love with. Mine happens to be in my home away from home; New York City.

Delice & Sarrasin.

Located on 20 Christopher Street, in New York's West Village, this  French eatery is one of my favorite places in the world. The restaurant is truly special in the sense that every element you experience is completely standout.

I was first struck by the atmosphere. It’s quaint, while feeling fresh and modern, which is an almost impossible balance to find in New York. It’s the kind of place you go, and you feel encouraged to take your time to enjoy your meal and the surroundings.

Once you’re seated in the cozy dining room, your attention turns to the main focus of any restaurant; the food. And the food at Delice & Sarrasin is one of the things that make it unique. Guests enjoy authentic French cuisine that would make even the truest food purest happy, But, there is another not-so hidden secret to the menu at D&S.


Yes, veganism. Every one of the classic French dishes, from the Cassoulet Toulousain, to the Ratatouille Niçoise, is completely vegan. And whether you live a vegan lifestyle, or you have never had vegan food in your life, I can assure you, you will be left wanting more once you’ve finished your meal.

All of these aspects are fantastic, and undoubtedly contribute to the success of Delice & Sarrasin, but it’s the hospitality of the staff that is the standout star of this restaurant.

The first time I visited with a group of friends, we were tended to by Olivier, who had such charm and charisma, everyone remembered him the following day. And to our surprise, Olivier remembered my friend Michael and myself when we visited again, nearly six months later.

We had the opportunity to chat with him throughout the night as he checked in on the table, and by the time our night came to an end, Michael and me both felt as though we had made a new friend.

That very same night, we were fortunate enough to meet the owner of the restaurant, Christophe Caron, who was side by side with Olivier, making sure everyone was well taken care of.  And I didn’t know it at the time, but Christophe’s mother,  Yvette, was in the kitchen as head chef.

She is the genius responsible for adapting her classic recipes for a vegan palette.

Delice & Sarrasin, and the people who make it thrive, is something special.