Mute the Noise

I have come to a realization lately; a realization that everyday life, for most people, is full of noise. I don’t mean noise in the traditional sense of unwanted sound. But noise in the sense of distraction. The modern world kind of invites and expects people to be busy. Everyone has calendars; everyone has to-do lists, everyone has alarms. — We are all constantly reminded of everything we have to do days before they actually happen. Sure, this is helpful; it’s even welcomed most of the time. But there is the unpleasant side effect.

All of this noise makes it hard for people to enjoy the present and make time for the things in life that could easily pass by if we let them.

I was reminded of how nice and how necessary it is to enjoy the moment this past Sunday.

I actually had the day off from work, which is a rare occasion for a retail slave. The minute I saw my schedule, I knew what I was doing. — I was meeting a good friend for brunch. He and myself had literally been attempting to go to brunch for 6 months before it actually happened. It was absurd.

But then it happened.

We went to Kaluz in Fort Lauderdale; we sat at a table overlooking the intracoastal, and we ordered a bottle of champagne to enjoy a few mimosas.

To say it was nice would be an understatement. It was necessary. We spent three hours together and the only thing we focused on was our conversation… and the contents of our champagne glasses, which were always full due to a very attentive waiter.

The only noise we heard the entire time was the sound of our own voices, and the occasional boat engine as they passed by. It was a rare moment where I felt completely disconnected yet entirely connected all the same.

I am not saying that everyone should go have champagne-filled brunch on the intracoastal to escape the noise of life (although, let’s be honest, you should if you can.)

But what everyone should do, is find a way to mute the noise. Find time to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the people you have around you. Because those moments, with those people, are by far more important than anything you have on your calendar.