Ready. Set. Goal.

As a recent college graduate and as someone who is in my twenties in general, I am finding that I am at a point of transition in my life. I’m unapologetically ambitious and I expect a lot from myself. My goal since graduating, has been to find a job in Public Relations. I can’t say I’ve been successful as of yet, but as I’ve embarked on this journey, I’ve learned a few things about setting and achieving goals. If you want something, you have to go for it. Like, balls to the wall go for it. If we all just wait for our dreams to come true, the majority of us will be sitting in a nursing home having brief memories of said hopes and dreams through our early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Instead of that grim picture becoming an unfortunate reality, there are a few thing you can do that might help you achieve whatever goal it is that you have.

  • Decide what your goal is. Write it down: Before you can achieve anything, you have to know what it is you’d like to achieve. Start small. Whatever your goal is, make sure you write it down somewhere that you will see it everyday. Here’s why.


  • Use your resources: Think about the assets you have at your disposal that can help you achieve your goal. If you are looking for a job, Linkedin is your new best friend. If you want to get into fashion, use Twitter to connect with fashion bloggers. If you want to write short stories, find websites that allow you to publish your work for other readers to enjoy. We live in a constantly connected world. As Tim Gunn says, Make. It Work. (For you.)


  • Be shameless: Goals are great but who cares about them if you are the only person that knows they exist? You need you to forget everything your parents ever told you about not talking to strangers and tell anyone and everyone about the things you want to achieve. Not only does talking about it keep it in the forefront of your mind, talking to people opens up a whole new world. (Cue a magic carpet.) You never know who may be able to help you.


  • Plan your endpoint; not your journey: Having a direction is one thing, but remember that life doesn’t always go according to plan. (Remember when Gaby lost all of her money on Desperate Housewives?) Don’t lose sight of whatever it is you want, but don’t have a narrow focus. Think about Google Maps; sometimes, the route you take to get to your destination is a cluster****, but reaching your desired destination is the only thing that matters.