Reality Check

Okay society, let’s have a moment, shall we? I’ve had something on mind lately and it has infuriated me. Now disclaimer; I may have a narrow scope because of my age and lack of life experience; I’ll own that. But it doesn’t change my frustration.

The other day, I was having a conversation with an individual. To be quite honest, I was having a meltdown about the fact that I was turning 25. — I showed them my Life List (a list of all of the stuff I want to accomplish.)

That somehow spiraled into a conversation about ambition and success. He acknowledged that I am ambitious, but then he said something that infuriated me. — he questioned if I would ever be overwhelmingly successful. His stance; I am too compassionate, and if I ever want to really be successful, “I have to do whatever it takes to get ahead and not worry about anyone else.”

Not only is that entire notion disgustingly offensive, it is grossly inaccurate.

True success is not defined by money, or job title, or possession of material things. A person is successful when he or she finds happiness within all elements of life.

It is impossible to go through life alone. We are a social, codependent species; we, quite literally, need social bonds to feel happiness. And without happiness, you cannot, and will not feel successful.

There is no room for jealousy in success; I want to see the people that I love do well. Period.

If that means I won’t achieve the things I want to achieve as quickly, fine. If that makes me less ambitious then some, fine; because my happiness and my success (past, present, and future) are one in the same.

We seriously need to ditch the self-serving attitudes that we’ve had ingrained in us.

Try it.

You can thank me later.