The holidays. I love them. I mean, let’s be real… how could I not? — Parties, cocktails and a glitter explosion widely accepted by society. YES PLEASE. I am the first to admit that I relish in the excess and the festiveness. But a few days ago, I was reminded that the holidays are not like that for everyone.

I was also reminded that I have a truly phenomenal group of friends.

Last Wednesday, my friends BrandonJustinCole and Lexy decided to partake in the most amazing random act of kindness I have ever seen. — After seeing a homeless person walking the streets as they drove back to their dorms, they decided to give back in an incredible way.

The fabulous foursome squeezed in Justin’s Mazda with 15 pizzas to hand out to the less fortunate, in some of Miami’s most economically challenged areas.

Watch it for yourself. And as you’re enjoying the holidays with your loved ones, take a moment to cherish all everyone and everything you have.

Brandon, Justin, Cole and Lexy; there are no words for how much I love all of you. — Thanks for making me cry.