The Gold Wheelchair

550_kylie_jenner_interview_120115 So, apparently, wheelchairs are all the rage at the moment..

As someone who uses a  wheelchair everyday, I see it as my permanent accessory which I refer to as “my throne on wheels.” But a lot of people are really pissed that Kylie Jenner literally used a wheelchair as an accessory during a photoshoot for Interview.

Many with disabilities are offended. Arguing that a wheelchair is not a prop, but something used for mobility, and should not be made light of.

My response to that — Get over yourselves.

I get it. A wheelchair is not something people go into, say, Tom Ford, to buy for the season. But seeing the wheelchair as more than a chair is giving an inanimate object the power to define an individual.

Seeing an able-bodied person sit in a wheelchair is at most, distasteful, but in no way does it take anything away from me, or any other wheelchair-bound individual. It was done to make a statement. and it has succeeded.

Was it unnecessary? Completely. But we live in a world full of things which are unnecessary.

Sure, there's an argument that there is a lack of representation of the “disabled” population in the media.

I completely agree.

Wheelchairs, and the people in them, are decidedly unsexy in the eyes of society, and it would have been great if Kylie used this moment as a platform to make a statement about representation in the media. But in a way, she has. The backlash has drawn attention to the lack of representation of  actual wheelchair-bound individuals in the media; maybe this will end that trend.

Diesel was way ahead of the curve with their amazing Spring 2014 campaign featuring Jillian Mercado.

So, take a seat and let the gold wheelchair — which I’m kind of envious of — be the statement it was meant to be.