It all started…

About 12 years ago. I started a YouTube Channel, because I had a MacBook with an iSight camera built-in, and that is what teenagers did.

I made videos for years, (I still do sometimes.) Some got views, most didn’t; but I learned that I love the process of video editing, and I found a home in the YouTube community.

That was the start of my love and appreciation for social media.

So I started a blog, wrote some words, and met some truly incredible people.

One of them introduced me to the world of Public Relations, which is ultimately what I got my degree in.

While my PR career never took off the way I had hoped it would, it is my passion; and I am incredibly fortunate to freelance for an amazing communications agency.

My personal life is what some might call… complex.

I’m gay and disabled; that shapes a lot of my world view, which I am hoping to share with you here.

Enjoy the journey with me!